Do you want to have sexy, feminine legs that turn heads? If so there are a few simple tips that can help you do just that. From self-care to choosing the right clothing, there are plenty of ways to achieve the look that you desire. Whether you are looking to draw attention or just want to feel confident in your own skin, these 6 tips are sure to help you get that feminine silhouette. So, read on to discover how you can soften your legs and get that sexy look you’ve been dreaming of!

Shave your legs

Having silky smooth skin is traditionally associated with femininity. For those of you considering hair removal, we will give you some guidance on how to achieve the perfect shave. To get a close and clean shave we recommend washing your legs in warm water to soften the hair follicles and skin. First, you will want to prime your legs by exfoliating them to remove any dead skin cells. Exfoliation is a vital step as it will prevent painful ingrown hairs. You can exfoliate your legs using soap on a washcloth, brush or loofah, or you can use an exfoliating scrub. To prevent irritation, be sure to not over exfoliate. Next, lather your legs in either a thick soap or shaving cream. Then shave your legs using a new clean razor, going against the grain of your hair. For maximum shine and hydration be sure to moisturize your legs as soon as you get out of the shower/bath. It is important to note that shaving is a choice. If you are not comfortable with hair removal there are other ways, listed below, to achieve feminine legs. Regardless if you shave or not, always be sure to moisturize!

Add some color to your legs

It’s no secret that having a little color makes you look healthier. A tan can help hide any imperfections like bruising and scars on your legs. There are many ways that you can achieve a natural looking tan; among the most popular are spray tans, self-tanning mousse and self tanning lotion. Getting a spray tan is very easy and the least labor intensive out of the three. At a tanning salon, they can help you find your perfect shade and apply it onto you. If you are looking into this be sure to look for a reputable tanning salon. If you don’t want to go in person to get a tan we recommend using self tanning products. These products are easy to use at home, but will fade much faster than a spray tan. It is important to note that you have to be very thorough with your application to prevent a streaky and uneven tan. If you want a more temporary tan, you can always use a bronzer to add a little color and definition to your legs. Overall, adding color to your legs is a quick and easy way to make them look smoother and slimmer.

Invest in nice Hosiery

Hosiery is a great way to subtly bring attention to your legs, especially if they’re not very toned and muscular. Make sure to choose a nice shade of legwear, preferably one that’s close to your skin tone and has a silky or sheer finish. For our ladies who don’t shave and have dark hair color we recommend opting for opaque hosiery. You can get some lovely sheer and opaque tights at affordable prices at lgbtqbaby.

Wear Heels

Wearing heels, even just a couple of inches, can do wonders to your silhouette, posture and the way you walk. If you’re not used to wearing heels, you may want to start with a lower pair, like a 2” or 3” heel. These will still give you a nice, feminine silhouette without making you feel too off-balance. Just make sure to buy a pair of heels that aren’t too high, or you may end up looking silly. Heels are great to wear during the day as well as at night. They can instantly give your outfit a sexy and feminine feel, as well as a boost of confidence and accentuate your calves.

Choose the right clothes

You don’t want to go through all this trouble to feminize your legs only to hide them! A strategically picked out skirt or dress that fits well can do wonders for your legs. The ideal length to show off your legs in a skirt/dress is around your mid thigh to just below the knee. The great thing about skirts and dresses is that you can dress them up and down. Whether you are dressing more casual for the day or going out to party you can alway make your legs the center of attention.

Use the right poses when taking pictures

When taking pictures, it’s important to keep your legs in mind and try to use the right poses to achieve that perfect silhouette. Avoid standing with your legs spread too far apart, as this can make your legs look bigger. Instead, stand with your legs close together, or even crossed if you’re wearing a skirt. This will make your legs look slimmer. Also, make sure to avoid standing with your legs behind you. This will only draw attention to your legs and create a disproportionate look.

Bottom line

Everyone dreams about having a pair of sexy legs! It’s a lot easier to achieve than you might think! Incorporate some of our top tips listed above into your routine to feminize your legs!

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