attractive traits crossdresser

When going out En Femme, we often wonder how can we draw some positive attention to ourselves. Whether we are looking to meet someone or just have some conversations with new people while out as our female selves, we want to be attractive to those around us.

Looks aren’t everything; there is so much more about being attractive that we need to have locked down as well. Personality and the way we carry ourselves are a big part of being attractive to others. After some extensive research, we have found these 7 traits to being an attractive crossdresser were very high on just about everyone’s list that we spoke to.

Sense of humor

If you ask most people what is one of the most attractive traits a girl can have, many say a sense of humor. In fact, many people will choose this over looks. Many of us take life too seriously and there are times when we just want to hear a good joke or laugh with someone. I can share from my own personal experience that there is nothing better than having a good laugh or watching a comedy on TV with that someone special. So make sure to bring your sense of humor to any date, movie night or any event you may be at because you will get a lot more attention with a laugh and a pretty smile.

Take care of themselves (grooming/body/exercise)

This trait branches out to a few areas. Sadly, we now live in an age where looking good is so important. Where in some cases personality can reign supreme, we do have to always check ourselves out to make sure we are healthy and well kept. Taking care of your body as a whole is way more important than having the best clothes, shoes or purse, because, without your health, you have nothing. Healthy eating and exercise should be a must in everyone’s life, whether you are your male or femme self. After all, feeling good is looking good too! The next step is taking care of your grooming. Obviously, we know what goes into looking good when out en femme, but make sure that you take care of the little things that can become big problems, like sweating. There are ways to help keep sweat at bay while we have on our makeup thankfully, so make sure to use a line of defense. Plus deodorant is a must! We also need to be showered and have a nice scent of perfume. Perfume is a big plus as the scent of perfume can often be attractive to others. Just make sure not to overdo it or use a heavy amount of perfume in place of a shower. That’s a 100% no-no.

Waist to hip ratio

While on the topic of your body, one physical trait that does get a lot of attention is your female shape. As natural men, we have to work on this very hard, but if you can get to a good ratio, you will add that much more to your attraction resume. A good ratio is a waist that is approximately 70% the circumference of your hips so just try to manufacture that as close as possible. This goes back to primal instincts of finding a woman who has good hips for childbirth. While I know none of us are going to be having children any time soon, that feature is still super sexy to many regardless. While we may need some help to achieve this look, once you achieve it, you will be turning heads.


Since we are out en femme, it can sometimes be hard to feel confident since we can get worried about just passing. But, if you walk in a room and own it and ooze confidence, that goes a long way. Owning who you are and being a confident woman makes you a sexy woman.

Intelligent (can hold a conversation)

I like to talk, sometimes too much. But one thing that is hard for someone who does like to talk about a lot of various topics, is finding someone who can go toe to toe in holding these conversations. First off, politics and religion are not recommended as people’s individual views can be so different. This is one of our golden rules especially if on a date. That can send the night south real quick. With that being said, having at least some minimal knowledge of current events is really important. A good rule is to spend about 15 minutes a day checking news headlines and reading a few articles. On the flip side, talking about something you have great knowledge in also shows that you are an intelligent person as well. Perhaps you’re into painting and art. Talking about artists whose work you enjoy or that inspire you is one example. Don’t ever dumb yourself down thinking you are impressing someone. It is the total opposite. The more outgoing you are with your ability to hold intelligent conversations, the more attractive you will become. Just remember to listen as well as talk.

Kind and empathetic

Being kind, thoughtful, caring and supportive to those around you is such a great trait to have. Who doesn’t want to know a woman who is caring and motherly? So you found a homeless kitten and brought her home, nursed her back to health and now she is your cat. That shows so much to someone about your character. Showing a soft, sweet side to yourself makes you super attractive as it’s a natural tendency to want to have someone like that in your life as a support line.

Age appropriate (outfits/attitude)

This is an important one if you’re serious about being an attractive crossdresser. If you’re 60 and walking into a room with a mini skirt and thigh high boots, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re 21 and walking into a room looking like a librarian or your grandma, then you too are doing it wrong. Dress your age. It is so important. Your attitude is another trait you need to keep age appropriate as well. If you are younger, you can get away with a lot more as others chalk it up to your young age. If you’re older, try to accept that you are winding down the crazy years and settle into an age-appropriate life where fun is just not raging all night long until you wake up regretting yourself and all that happened. This is not to say you cannot hang around people who are not in your age group, but even those older or younger than you would still expect you to act your appropriate age.

Now, while some of these traits can come naturally to some, it may not to others. The key is to work on these traits, whether physically or personality-wise, so when out, you can have others taking notice and saying “Who’s that girl?”

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