lgbtqbaby Silicone Breast Forms for Cosplay and Crossdressing - Realistic Breastplate with Natural Contour crossdresser breastplate

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About lgbtqbaby

  • We are a silicone company that manufactures silicone breastplates for cross-dressers and transvestites.
  • We keep focusing on industry development and market demands
  • We are always devote to providing customer technology-innovative products with unique design and excellent quality.

The Best Is For You

Be brave to be yourself and be proud of who you really are


How will the product be preserved better?

Maintenance method:

1.Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild soap,air-dry or with towel gently.

2.Keep away from hot temperature, sunshine, sharp pointy things, washing machine, chemical material.

3.To avoid staining,Do not wash with other clothes.

4.Do not press or tear the item with brute force.

How can I be sure that my product is intact?

Within 30 days of receiving the goods, any problems with the product can contact the seller.

Unleash Authentic Beauty with Premium Silicone Breast Forms

Discover Natural Enhancement for Your Feminine Silhouette

Whether you're embracing your femininity as a crossdresser, a proud member of the transgender community, a dedicated cosplayer, or a captivating performer, our breast forms are your secret to achieving an unmistakable feminine presence. Crafted with a deep understanding of the human anatomy, our silicone breastplates flawlessly emulate the body's natural curves. The result? A stunningly realistic and persuasive female form.

Versatile Sizes for Diverse Body Types - C to F Cups

Our collection offers a wide array of sizes to honor every individual's unique form. The superb Platinum silicone not only feels velvety and pliable but stands the test of time against wear and tear. As you move, they move - fluidly and naturally, highlighting the inherent beauty of the female physique.

Simple Care for Lasting Beauty

Maintaining your new breast forms is as easy as a gentle hand-wash in tepid water with a touch of mild soap. Air-dry them softly to maintain their pristine shape and velvety texture. We're committed to preserving their quality, just as they preserve your confidence.

Private. Discreet. Respectful.

We know that privacy is paramount. That's why we promise 100% discreet packaging and shipping. Your journey towards femininity is yours alone, and we protect it with the strictest confidence.

Embrace Your Feminine Transformation

It's time to step into the elegance and grace of womanhood. Our silicone breast forms are more than a product; they are an experience. Choose to express yourself with poise and assurance.
Embrace your transformation, and command the world with the confidence and elegance that only true femininity can bring.