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We know dressing like a woman is hard work. So, beauty hacks are such a blessing to our amazing crossdressing community. crossdresslife has compiled 10 amazing crossdresser beauty hacks that will have you ladies ready for anything. Our beauty hacks cover everything from skincare tips for men, product hacks, nail tips and loads more, and not only will these save you time, but money too. And, they’ll have you looking like the most beautiful crossdresser ever in no time! Have a read through and see what you think, you may have even tried some of these before. 

Top 10 crossdresser makeup tips

1. Mix peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss or chap stick to get a plumper lip effect.

2. Use a light or white eyeliner on your bottom inside lash line to make your eyes pop.

3. If your mascara is feeling a bit dry, before tossing it, try sandwiching it in between your legs while you do the rest of your makeup. This will help you get the most out of your product!

4. Purchase water/sweat proof setting powder if you do not want your makeup to move an inch while shaking it at the club!

5. Add some contact solution to any clumpy mascara to even it out!

6. Apply concealer to your lips for a matte effect after applying any lip gloss! This will also prolong the life of your lip gloss.

7. Want a matte effect on your nails? Add a bit of cornstarch to your nails for instant matte nails!

8. If your hair looks a little thin around your hairline, fill it in with a bit of eyeshadow. Try not to overdo it!

9. Want a perfect cat eye, use a credit card or anything with a long edge to get a super crisp line!

10.Choose breast forms,Before selecting the appropriate breast forms, it is important to measure your height, weight, chest circumference, and other relevant information.

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