1What is cross-dressing?
Answer: The cross-dressing here refers to wearing the clothes of the opposite sex and dressing up as the opposite sex. Also called easy loading or cross loading. Among the cross-dressers, men wear women's clothing mainly (don't know why). Therefore, the practical "women's clothing" (verb) means that a man pretends to be a woman, which is more appropriate.
2What is a CD?
Answer: CD here is the abbreviation of English Crossdresser, which means crossdresser. People with cross-dressing behavior are not all cross-dressers, and often include TS, homosexuals, fetishists, song and dance performers, etc.
3 What is TS?
Answer: TS is the abbreviation of TransSexual in English, which refers to people who do not identify with their own gender and want to change their gender. They call themselves angels, derived from pinyin ts. At present, in the Internet, many people equate TS with shemales.
4What is TG?
Answer: TG is the abbreviation of TransGender in English. Transgender is a general term for CD and TS.
5What is TV?
Answer: TV is of course not TV here. It is the abbreviation of TransVestite, which translates to transvestite. This is a medical term that contains pathological meaning. Now we usually use neutral CDs instead.
6What is gay?
Answer: Gay is a gay man, also known as "gay", glass, BL (boylove). It is not directly related to CD.
7What is lesbian?
Answer: Lesbians are lesbians, also called lesbians.
8 What is LGBT?
Answer: LGBT is a collective term used to refer to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. There is also an I added to represent intersexual.
9What is "queer"?
Answer: From the English "Queer", its original meaning is weird, different from the usual. In the 20th century, due to the origin of the word and many environmental influences, this word became another derogatory synonym for homosexuality. But in the 1980s, the word was widely used within homosexuality. It refers to those who hold a different position on the expression of *** from traditional standards, and this person is not necessarily homosexual.
10What is a shemale?
Answer: Shemale means "shemale", which refers to a person who looks like a woman, has sex, but still has male reproductive organs.
What is the difference between 11CD and gay?
Answer: In fact, most CDs are heterosexual men, and cross-dressing only expresses their feminine side. They still love women, and many people have happy families.
What is the difference between 12CD and TS?
A: The essential difference between CD and TS is that CD still wants to be a man, while TS thinks that they have been born with the wrong gender, and they want to change their gender. Of course, it may not be easy for individuals to distinguish, because often some people's psychology is somewhere in between.
13 What is Cosplay?
Answer: Cosplay is the abbreviation of costume play in English, a word coined by the Japanese. Cosplay means dressing up as characters in anime and video games, and it is also translated as disguise, but Cosplay and CD are two different things.
14 What is a fake mother?
Answer: Another word from Japan, originated from animation and games. The scope of pseudonymous includes CD and shemale. One is for men dressed in women's clothing, and the other is for upper body women and lower body men. "Mother" refers to a little girl, so you can't be a fake mother when you are old.
15 What are loli, otome, and mistress?
Answer: All come from Japanese and refer to women of different ages. LOLI or LOLITA is a little girl, and Otome is a young girl. Yu Jie is originally intended to be a respect for her sister, and is extended to be a mature and strong woman.
16 What is dragqueen?
Answer: Refers to men who wear women's clothing and perform in nightclubs.